Reservations Required For Wood River Bridge Games

Saturday, 07 January 2023 by Theresa Choma

It is slack season again so starting Monday, October 23, we are requiring players to sign up for the Monday/Thursday open pairs games. Games will not be held with fewer than 3 full tables. To sign up, please TEXT Jerry (208-293-5632) or Deanne Drake (208-481-7684) no later than 10AM of the day of the game. If the game is canceled, Deanne or Jerry will notify the players who have signed up with them.

Players are asked to be at the Y no later than 2:15 so that the directors can set up the game. 

Reservations are required for the Friday invitational (less than 750 master points) game. Reservations for this game are required by Thursday at noon and can be made by contacting Jim Churchill at or by text at 208-309-2474. Please note the new time for the Friday game.  The Friday game will now begin at 2:30 and players are asked to be at the Y by 2:15.